AireSpring: Heralding the Next-Generation of End-to- End Connectivity

AireSpring: Heralding the Next-Generation of End-to- End Connectivity

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Avi Lonstein, CEO, AireSpringAvi Lonstein, CEO
Businesses today need to be more agile and deliver new applications and services with ease in this swiftly changing digital environment. To fulfill this need, they require a “fast and flat” network and composable infrastructure that can combine physical servers and cloud resources into a single, integrated network for improved security and performance. Software-defined networking (SDN) does just that. Unlike error-prone manual configurations that cannot fully utilize the capabilities of existing network infrastructure, SDN automates the provisioning of new converged infrastructures in minutes and improves the overall customer service lifecycle. Delivering such innovative solutions in the SDN space is AireSpring.

Founded in 2001, the CA-based company provides cloud communications and connectivity solutions serving over thousands of businesses nationwide. Having an extensive footprint in the U.S. and a partnership with over twenty major network providers, the company processes over four billion calls per month. AireSpring’s all-managed connectivity and cloud communications solutions are custom built for fulfilling each individual need of the client’s business.

For optimizing connectivity with network-based, software-defined WANs, AireSpring offers next-generation SD-WAN solutions that include: Platinum VeloCloud, Cisco Meraki, and Global SD-WAN. As traditional WAN network solutions cannot scale quickly and are not cost-effective, they become too complex to manage. With Platinum VeloCloud, businesses can utilize bandwidth more efficiently and economically, thereby increasing application and network reliability and performance. The Platinum SD-WAN also delivers an enhanced, easy-to-use solution package that helps companies optimize their communications networks by leveraging advanced SD-WAN features and functionality together with AireSpring’s nationwide, end-to-end managed connectivity and professional services.
Safeguarding organizations against external threats is the Cisco Meraki solution. This cost-effective solution provides standard SD-WAN functionality, with an integrated next-generation firewall for consistent security of applications and protection of data privacy. Cisco Merakiensures improved automation and self-provisioning, low operational costs, high performance, and better resource usage for multi-site deployments.

Lastly, AireSpring’s Global SD-WAN delivers the benefits of SD-WAN with a global private network that bypasses the unpredictability of the public internet over long distances and accounts for a reliable and holistic enterprise network. Global SD-WAN allows enterprises to combine low-cost internet with carrier-grade MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) and route data packets on relative importance. The solution, when combined with virtualized network services at the edge, simplifies branch networks, making implementation and management more agile. In addition, Global SD-WAN allows branch offices to connect to the closest GPN PoP and obtain end-to-end enterprise-grade connectivity to all their offices.

AireSpring’s expert Network Solution Engineering team partners with clients to determine the best SD-WAN package for their business. The company helps to ensure that all of the client’s custom policies are accommodated to reduce potential gaps in security. Through its SD-WAN solutions, AireSpring eliminates the need for IT staff to install, configure, and manage the device as all its appliances arrive preconfigured on the premise. “We have made substantive investments in developing an organizational culture and supporting technology to ensure we deliver industry-leading service and support,” says Avi Lonstein, CEO of AireSpring.

Having achieved many laurels such as “Product of the Year,” “Best in Show,” “Most Promising Contact Center Solution Provider,” and so on for its industry-leading solutions, AireSpring has come a long way. The company has been building a solid reputation of integrity, reliability, and dependability with its channel partners, end-user customers, and technology providers over the years, and it continues to do so.