Aryaka: Delivering End-to-End Connectivity and Application Acceleration

Aryaka: Delivering End-to-End Connectivity and Application Acceleration

Gary Sevounts, CMO, AryakaGary Sevounts, CMO
In the 21st century information age, a typical workplace is no longer a cubicle in the office building—it’s wherever in the world the work takes you,” says Gary Sevounts, the Chief Marketing Officer of Aryaka. For these mobile knowledge workers, the network connection is a life-line wherein to compete and win, their vital apps must be at their fingertips. “Today, business apps live in the cloud and where seconds matter, a reliable network can be the difference between enhanced productivity and stalled work,” states Sevounts.

Until recently, when tasked with providing network connectivity for the global and mobile workforce, enterprise IT organizations had a few options. These included fast but expensive and high-maintenance private networks such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) or the low-cost, slow and unreliable public internet. Milpitas, CA-based Aryaka has brought about a game-changing alternative. Aryaka’s Software-Defined Network Platform delivers enterprise grade performance with internet-like simplicity. “Built on a global network of Points of Presence (POPs), Aryaka’s network is designed for the world in motion,” assures Sevounts. Legacy solutions such as MPLS force enterprises to compromise on agility, deployment time-lines and cost or rely on the congested public internet for mission-critical SaaS traffic.

“Aryaka integrates the benefits of WAN optimization, web and IP application delivery, and cloud/SaaS acceleration with reliable, secure and dedicated private connectivity into a single Software-Defined Network Platform,” says Sevounts. “We eliminate the need for dedicated links that take months to provision, thereby, providing a cloud-delivered network that is up and running in minutes.”

“We began our focus on software-defined networking technology in 2009,” recalls Sevounts. “We also invested heavily on constructing our own optimized, enterprise-grade global private network. With Aryaka, 90 percent of the world’s business users are only 30 milliseconds away from an Aryaka POP.” Sevounts goes on to provide a fitting analogy to shed light on the company’s Global Private Network which lays the foundation for Aryaka’s SMART SDN Platform. “It’s no contest if one were to choose between a highly congested metropolitan road and a freeway with a dedicated lane as their preferred route to office,” he says.“Our global private network bypasses the frailty of the public internet and delivers predictable application performance to global users by removing latencies and packet loss.” Once connected, clients can experience private, secure connectivity and a fast lane to the cloud.

Our global private network bypasses the frailty of the public internet and delivers predictable application performance to global users by providing consistent latencies and negligible packet loss

Aryaka has two product families—SMART CONNECT and SMART CDN. While SMART CONNECT addresses global/ regional branch office and cloud connectivity, SMART CDN provides stable, consistent, and faster performance worldwide for public-facing web/SaaS applications, corporate websites and enterprise IP applications. Aryaka’s platform enables enterprises to accelerate all applications, regardless of the end user location.

Addressing Application Performance Needs of a Global Workforce

Aryaka’s solutions merge application-specific optimization with enterprise-grade global connectivity to offer global users a reliable, high-performance medium to access enterprise applications.

After deploying Aryaka, one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies achieved up to 40 times faster application performance for Office 365 SharePoint & Outlook. “We delivered LAN-like experience for the client’s over 5000 users based out of China,” prides Sevounts. Another client, InvenSense, a semi-conductor company that supplies sensors to mobile, automotive and industrial manufacturers achieved success through Aryaka. “Our employees used to frequently complain about the slowness of Office 365, which was running over the internet. We needed a high-performance, cloud-ready wide area network that could make our lives easier,” recalls Kenny Gilbert, CIO, InvenSense. “With Aryaka’s Office 365 acceleration solution, our employees experienced terrific performance improvements all over the world. I think, the ability of Aryaka’s solution to connect to cloud providers like Microsoft is phenomenal, and truly helps businesses like us to leverage the benefits of SaaS.”

Client Data Security Optimized

To ensure data security, Aryaka has built a multi-layer security model that comprises enterprise-grade network security, physical security and access control. “Engraining security within our SDN platform and global network architecture while leveraging a defense in-depth approach to security controls enables us to maintain a robust security program that meets internationally accepted security practices,” informs Sevounts.

“We have a best-in-class security team led by our Chief Security Officer that takes a collaborative effort in maintaining security programs,” concludes Sevounts.