BayInfotech: Transforming Software-defined Networking Capabilities

BayInfotech: Transforming Software-defined Networking Capabilities

Maulik Shyani, Founder & Business Development Lead, BayInfotechMaulik Shyani, Founder & Business Development Lead
Software-defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and Orchestration are changing the way organizations design, build, and operate networks. There has been a humongous amount of innovation in the network devices that the applications and services organizations depend upon, and the computing and storage solutions which hold “big data”. The pace of innovation in the underlying network infrastructure embracing the software-defined paradigm is offering organizations unprecendented capabilities in their sprint towards digital adoption.

We are seeing changes in all the aspects from the user side (access) to the server side (data center or the cloud) to the layer which connects both that is the network (WAN). Terminologies defining these shifts are becoming common and it is not surprising to have meetings where customers raise questions about SD-DC, SD-WAN, SD-Access or about API and Programmability. With many incomplete solutions out in the market, customers are seeking a trusted partner who can help them put together a complete solution.

BayInfotech’s global presence coupled with software partnerships with Cisco and other leading industry vendors helps organizations to meet these requirements. With an inhouse software team, the company enables customers to take full advantage of SDN and also extend it beyond the on-premises to Multiple Clouds. BayInfotech maximizes the customers’ ROI and also provides a roadmap which allows them to focus on their business while securely automating the infrastructure making it easy for consumption by developers. The company has the capabilities to deliver Cisco solutions such as Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI and HX for SDDC), DNA Center (SDA) & SDWAN and also open source orchestration solutions like Openstack thus offering end-to-end SDN solutions.

BayInfotech recognizes the unique needs of SMEs and large enterprises attempting to keep up with the ever-evolving technology landscape. Maulik Shyani, Founder and Business Development Lead, explains, “Customers want to create future ready platforms and are impeded by their current technology environment.

BayInfotech has the ability and technical experience to work with any technology, configuration management, and software-defined networking platform available

We identify their current state and create a roadmap of how we can transition them to a future state using software-defined networking while leveraging their existing IT investments.” This allows enterprise customers to be ahead of their competition by adopting software-defined architectures, solutions maximizing their CAPEX spend and build automation allowing them to deploy use cases in minutes versus days or months.

Alok Tanna, Cloud Visualization and Strategy Lead, shares that BayInfotech brings a software-first mentality. Majority of BayInfotech’s team consists of expert software developers trained and experienced in automation in the areas of networking and cloud services. He states, “Although the company started with managed services at the core, over the past two years, we have moved up the value chain by offering cloud services. BayInfotech is a service integrator for the Cisco enterprise cloud suite, heavily focused on integrating capabilities as a leading Cisco partner.” Shyani expands on this by stating that while the company is a top integrator at Cisco, it doesn’t end there. BayInfotech has the ability and technical experience to work with any technology, configuration management, and software-defined networking platform available. “Our focus is to ensure business outcomes, and we deliver custom solutions and use cases by aligning our team to partner in their success.”

Within the last quarter, the company has launched storage as a service, having recognized the need for this solution among the enterprises. BayInfotech aims to carry on this success in the software-defined networking space, expanding continuously with computing, infrastructure, and storage service models. The company continues to work closely with Cisco and their customers to continue delivering on customers’ needs with the evolving networking technologies. “Our approach to understand business challenges, coupled with our partnership with Cisco and a highly skilled team, enables customers drive business transformation and stay ahead,” concludes Shyani.