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Complete Communications: Architecting Carrier Requirements, Building ROI, and Project Managing Carrier Implementation

Blake Darling, President and CEO, CompleteCommunicationsBlake Darling, President and CEO
The changing applications and bandwidth needs, coupled with the cost associated with MPLS, has led the enterprises to embrace a new set of networking technologies such as SDN. In this regard, enterprises are readily adopting flexible, open, and cloud-based WAN technologies, rather than installing proprietary or specialized WAN that often involve expensive, fixed circuits, or proprietary hardware. “Influenced by SDN, the Software Defined-WAN (SD-WAN) makes WAN services easier to manage and can be done so showing significant cost savings,” begins Blake Darling, President and CEO, Complete Communications. “However, the biggest challenge for organizations with regards to SD-WAN revolves around the ability to identify an appropriate underlying carrier who can provide desired speeds at the location.”

Salt Lake City, UT located Complete Communications customizes the carrier solutions architecture surrounding a SDWAN implementation, builds the Return on Investment (ROI), and manages the entire carrier deployment of SDN. The company’s unique capabilities allow them to take the heavy lifting off their customer’s plate and provide them the carrier architecture in an easily digestible format through proprietary software solutions. “With the evolution of SDN/SDN WAN, our ability to design, create the ROI, and deploy the carrier solution brings tremendous value to a customer,” affirms Blake.

Complete Communications specializes in Intelligent WAN (IWAN) solutions that help enterprises in moving to a hybrid WAN architecture without compromising network performance or security. The company can help organizations select the best IWAN as a service solution (IWANaaS). Complete Communications also leverages its unique offerings, helping businesses architect the carrier component of IWAN. “We put in a lot of time so that enterprises have data to choose the proper carrier, ensuring that they can take full advantage from a speed, price and performance standpoint,” asserts Blake.

Our ability to demonstrate custom carrier architecture at each location, build the business case for SDWAN and project manage the install for the customer creates a solution which transforms an organization’s network

Complete Communications offers a proprietary technology that helps in determining the availability of carriers at each location of an enterprise and assists in providing services accordingly. The company provides quick turn around on quoting to create budget and ROI, and renders domestic and international carrier solutions. Complete Communications manages the entire solution from quoting to installation to support on the back-end. Additionally, the company also helps provide solutions that include 24/7 NOC proactive monitoring and opening up trouble tickets with the carriers. “We can help provide fully managed IWAN/SDWAN solutions from a day two stand point as well,” adds Blake.

Complete Communications has helped hundreds of clients save money on their communication services. For example, Complete recently worked with Cisco on their IWAN solution with a customer that had duel MPLS networks. Complete Communications assisted the customer with their global network requirements and was able to help them show a six month ROI. Using an IWAN or SDWAN deployment, the customer saw 40-60 percent savings on their WAN and got faster bandwidths, cost savings, and agility in running their applications.

“The convergence of applications being hosted in the cloud and end users accessing them via mobile devices is accelerating advancements in SDWAN technologies,” says Blake. “With the adoption of SDN, our primary role will be to add value through the customer’s bandwidth requirements globally.”