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Complete Communications: Streamlining SD-WAN Implementation

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Blake Darling, President, Complete CommunicationsBlake Darling, President
As the influence of cloud continues to grow among enterprises, traditional wide area network (WAN) architecture is becoming ineffective in meeting the increasing network management and bandwidth challenges. Owing to the continuous disruption in the market, the demands for bandwidth has grown and companies still relying on multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) lines are a step behind peers resulting in loss of revenues and customers. With that being said, tech-savvy companies are tapping on the potential benefits of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) as it arms enterprises with boarder bandwidth and fuels their ability of addressing the complexity of network management.

The emergence of this technology has brought forth cost-effective alternatives to MPLS networking solutions and underpins unified communications, VoIP, and big data deployments. However, during the implementation of SD-WAN finding carriers in a budget constraint scenario often turns out to be a difficult problem for decision-makers. To help this cause, Complete Communications aids enterprises to manage SD-WAN the business case and implementation of the carrier services. “We analyze the budget and bandwidth requirements of our clients to help them create presentable ROI’s along with quotes for diverse carrier and bandwidth options,” says Blake Darling, President of Complete Communications.

Complete Communications brings forth an unbiased and consultative approach to deliver a seamless SD-WAN implementation experience for its clients. The company renders a gamut of tools that enables companies to find fiber, quote, project manage carrier install, and build the ROI’s. Powered by Complete’s proprietary technology, these tools enable organizations to detect the available carriers at both domestic and international location. The firm also equips them to comprehensively manage the entire solution starting from quoting, installation, to backend support.

You think SD-WAN will save you money, we remove the think and give you the quantifiable analytics to ensure you maximize your SD-WAN investment

“We arm companies with the data to maximize ROIs,” adds Blake. To put this into perspective, the firm develops business cases that can match the individual business requirements of companies with adequate carrier architecture. Subsequently, the ROI generated with Complete’s proprietary dashboard technology equips companies to optimize their savings by 40-60 percent on their WAN each month. Specializing in SD-WAN solutions, the firm represents carriers globally with an agnostic point of view by building ROI’s and projecting circuit installation.

From an implementation standpoint, the firm has its proprietary software and tools to help its clients in developing an SD-WAN architecture from scratch along with providing a single pane of glass view for managing it. “The big advantage that we bring to the table is that we deliver an end-user experience in an optimum cost environment,” says Darling. Further, to meet the different demands of each of its clients, the firm enables companies to build a customized solution that can meet their ROI and performance needs.

Being a transport agnostic company, the firm developed partnerships with carriers in almost all industry verticals on the global map. This enables Complete’s customers to create ideal networks in line with their business demands. During its journey of 16 years, the firm has assisted many of the market peers to find the right solution for meeting their business needs. To create a comprehensive picture of the firm’s capability, Darling cites an instance where a large banking institute faced problems to increase ROI with its SD-WAN implementation. By leveraging Cisco SD-WAN and have Complete manage the carrier component of the solution, the client was able to reduce its monthly bill from $360,000 to $200,000. Complete Communications partners with Cisco and Meraki to help their customers realize the max potential for their customers through a SD-WAN investment.

Going forward, the firm intends to continually expand its market and develop capabilities to meet the inheriting needs of SD-WAN sphere.