LightRiver: Networking Technology for the Digital World

LightRiver: Networking Technology for the Digital World

CIO VendorMike Jonas, President, Global Customer Operations
In today’s digitally driven world, every telecom service provider requires a dynamic, application-aware network infrastructure. Their search for an agile and scalable networking framework ends with nascent technology, Software Defined Networking (SDN), which improves flexibility and responsiveness of networks along with optimizing the overall costs. With a rich history of serving the varied networking needs of diverse industries, LightRiver Technologies is committed to supporting these operators with their knowledge and hands on experience in building dynamic networks.

LightRiver architects and automates next-generation solutions for the mission-critical functions of its clients and assists them to obtain an optimal level of efficiency with the best-in-class technology in the communication sphere. Its netFLEX® Optical Domain Controller (ODC) enables customers to discover, orchestrate, and control generations of optical network equipment from multiple vendors. LightRiver’s netFLEX® ODC supports the entire carrier-grade optical domain and allows network operators to monitor, provision, and manage packet optical network elements from SONET to ROADM as a single network. The firm also empowers operators to deploy transport networks with unmatched speed and cost efficiency with one of its other key offerings, the Factory Built Network® (FBN).

LightRiver’s repertoire of operations fundamentally serves in three sectors, namely carriers, global cloud operators, and utilities. Its carrier clients’ active Merger & Acquisition environment may require them to assimilate dozens of legacy and next generation networks. LightRiver integrates their legacy networks with today’s Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) services to increase their network bandwidth and utilization. This helps the carrier clients to manage the disaggregated network elements in a single-pane of glass view using the netFLEX® automation platform.
Mike Jonas, President, Global Customer Operations for LightRiver, points out that LightRiver’s cloud customers seek to deploy the most economical, highest density, bandwidth solutions available in the market to move their data on a global scale. “We embed netFLEX® ODC and FBN directly into our client’s business case, giving them the freedom to choose what works best for them,” says Jonas.

We embed netFLEX® ODC and FBN directly into our client's solution

Jonas elaborates that the traditional process of deploying a complex network is error-prone and time consuming. In this process, engineers must even inventory the pallet sent to them in a remote location without any tools being rendered to them. “For us, this was certainly not the most efficient way to implement a new network. Hence, we developed the ‘Factory Built Network’ targeting the requirements of packet optical carrier grade networks,” he adds. Here, all the network management systems, SDN platforms, testing and material handling requirements and technical expertise are available in one place. This enables LightRiver to detect weaknesses in the new networks, identify the potential problem areas while deploying new technology or in any newly released software. “Through this process, we eradicate problems before they get to the field.”

LightRiver enabled one of its clients in orchestrating millions of M2M network transactions per month, automatically, with the netFLEX® platform, across multiple vendor domains. In another instance, the firm helped a client integrate dozens of small carriers into a unified netFLEX® network view, automating monitoring and provisioning, driving revenue and customer satisfaction.

Moving ahead, LightRiver intends to further deepen its network knowledge to prosper in the market and sharpen its competitive edge continually. The company will expand its Factory Built Network® and integrate netFLEX® ODC with the vendor SDN domain controllers. On the geographical front, LightRiver will diversify its base in Europe.

Jonas concludes, “I believe it’s a fantastic time to be in the business. The proliferation of disaggregated hardware and intelligent software has been immense, and it is encouraging our vendor partners and customers to develop new technologies, faster.”