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Adeel Ahmed, Co-Founder & CEO, netnology.ioAdeel Ahmed, Co-Founder & CEO
Advanced networking technologies and its adoption for business needs have been on the steady rise in recent years, albeit being an incremental transformation. While initially, organizations set about modernizing some parts of the infrastructure, like data centers, today, most businesses are looking at the transformation more holistically, as customer-driven adoption is progressing toward campus and branch environments, WAN and multi-cloud. This is the mission that drives netnology, a company that employs a holistic end-to-end approach for guiding customers through their network modernization efforts.

In the modern era, businesses largely depend on networks, and their digital transformation endeavors need to be achieved without disturbing the business processes. The netnology team— spearheaded by Adeel Ahmed, co-founder and CEO and Salman Asadullah, co-founder and CTO of the company—understands this better than anyone. To that end, they leverage SDNFV—the convergence of SDN and NFV — and Multi-Cloud to bring greater agility, improved flexibility, increased security, and ease of deployment.“We adopt industry-leading practices and standards to deploy the best SDNFV and Multi-Cloud solutions to meet the growing business requirements,” states Ahmed. While they leverage NFV to account for the elasticity and scalability needed to provision network resources on demand, SDN goes a long way in simplifying the network operations.

netnology empowers organizations to achieve their targeted business outcomes with their services for SDNFV solutions where they have a proven track record in designing and implementing large-scale multivendor and open-source solutions for next-generation networks. When it comes to customers with scattered geographical locations, like retail, financial, and healthcare, the company recommends SD-WAN, a specific application of SDN.
In order to reap maximum benefits, netnology’s team engages with the clients throughout the adoption life-cycle—from discovery, plan, design to deployment and launch, and potentially offering managed services.

netnology’s transformative consulting practice, including their alignment with Cisco’s architectures and their focus helping VARs drive SDx and cloud solution services, reflects the transformation we’re promoting with partners to drive customer adoption and create better business outcomes

-Rick Snyder,
Senior Vice President of Cisco’s Americas Partner Organization

As far as their partner eco-system is concerned, the company embraces a best-of-breed approach. They collaborate with major solution providers in the industry including Cisco, VMware, RedHat, and AWS to name a few. According to Asadullah, the software infrastructure of the future will be hosted on a platform that consists of a public cloud and an on-premise managed network. To deliver high-quality public cloud offerings, they utilize AWS, where they demonstrate deep expertise and experience in designing software solutions on the AWS platform. netnology also deploys applications in multiple data centers on on-premise managed networks as well as public cloud. Since customers would not have to buy, install, operate, or maintain servers or other equipment as they would with private cloud, they can benefit from significant cost savings from leveraging public cloud. This approach also helps to scale application deployments and minimize operational costs and increase efficiency.

In order to accelerate the adoption of new and upcoming SDNFV and multi-cloud solutions, netnology provides specialized kickstart enablement and implementation programs. The kickstart services include customized training for pre and post sales teams, demo, proof of concept and mentored adoption, that when implemented ensure smoother deployment of these leading-edge solutions. They extend their support to their clients through subject matter experts who empower the client’s workforce to deploy and manage their networking environment. With their proven methodology, netnology assists in strategizing and managing the inherent risks of any complex next-generation networking and multi-cloud solution.