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Top 10 SDN Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Top 10 SDN Consulting/Services Companies – 2019
By the year 2025, the global software defined networking (SDN) market is expected to gross over 101.23 billion dollars. Following the realization that SDN and network function virtualization (NFV) architectures can bolster enterprise networking and open new doors of opportunity for digitalization, several SDN services and consulting providers, today, are employing various strategies to streamline the growth of IT in organizations around the world. With increasing demands in mobility, increased complexity of networks to improve security, server virtualization, automation, and cloud-based services, organizations may find that entertaining their IT requirements in-house is an arduous task. The cost and time taken spent in managing enterprise level IT infrastructures are factors that led to the emergence of SDN consulting and services companies across all verticals in this digital era.
By leveraging a third-party SDN expert, the processes of testing, planning and execution for OpenFlow/non-OpenFlow based networks, and systems integration can be streamlined with minimal downtime. With the advent of big data, cloud environments, and analytics, outsourcing enterprise networking responsibilities prove to be cost-effective and preferable—as a company can solely focus on their business and revenue generation. Consequently, when SDN creates a framework to support such data-intensive applications, provisions for a centralized networking system are made. Here, an SDN service provider can assist their customer with leveraging SDN’s capability to abstract the functions of control and data planes to deploy a programmable network—delivering automated IT infrastructure.
SDN service providers, with their vast domain expertise, help companies implement SDN technologies while offering extensive design, development, testing, and maintenance services that improve workflows and product lifecycles. Keeping in mind the paramount importance of security, SDN service providers maintain the ability to delve into, and invest in, enterprise network security and driving progress in hybrid cloud and IT infrastructures.
A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the Enterprise Networking Magazine’s editorial board has reviewed the top consulting/services companies in the SDN services domain. In our selection process, we looked at each of the vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible consultation services in managing IT infrastructure and business communication. The shortlisted companies are at the forefront of tackling the challenges associated with SDN technologies by catering to the needs of the enterprise buyers and assist them with cloud-based computing services, NFV, and other technical work.
We present to you Enterprise Networking Magazine’s “Top 10 SDN Consulting/Services Companies – 2019”

    Top SDN Consulting Companies

  • Based out of San-Francisco, GroupA is a boutique consulting and systems integration company that takes charge of an organization's complete SD-WAN needs—from consulting to solution implementation all the way up to maintenance and customer support. The company adopts an unbiased approach to vendor evaluation, which means that GroupA is not tied to any particular SD-WAN provider and their larger goal is to bring the best possible solution for a client, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all. GroupA brings over 20 years of expertise in consulting, enterprise architecture, and networking, to the table making them specialists in the field

  • netnology is a team of smart, passionate, and experienced network and software engineers and architects. The SDN solution provider designs and implements large-scale multi-vendor and open-source solutions for next-gen data center, private and hybrid cloud, and security. netnology converges Software Defined Networking(SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to support a fully virtualized infrastructure that can meet the growing needs of the business. Being in the computer networking industry for the past two decades, netnology provides technology solutions that ensure security for its customers. They are recognized as thought leaders due to their contribution to multiple patents and other standardization activities

  • Provides a comprehensive suite of IT and communication services designed to meet the high demands of today’s business environment. One of the primary applications driving SD-WAN adoption for Tierzero’s customers has been its ability to provide dynamic QoS, prioritization, error-correction and seamless failover to ensure high quality of experience for real-time business-critical applications including voice, video collaboration and cloud SaaS applications. Tierzero is continuing to develop next generation technologies including more intelligent AI-driven distributed firewall services and joining a community developing open-source SD-WAN solutions

  • TPx is a premier managed services provider, delivering unified communications, managed IT and network connectivity to over 50,000 customer locations across the country. The firm's, industry-leading customer service focus has powered more than 17 years of uninterrupted growth for TPx. The organization has evolved as technologies and marketplaces began to change to put together the comprehensive solutions customer's need, with guaranteed performance. TPx aims to help customers grow and focus on managing their businesses

  • Acuative


    Acuative’s consulting and engineering services provide a rigorous framework to assess clients needs and design a solution that successfully delivers IT initiatives. By applying industry standards and best practices, Acuative guides clients through the complex process of developing architectures and the roadmaps to bring them to reality. Acuative provides a clear vision of the best SD-WAN strategy for businesses and mitigates the risks involved in the transformation. All key business, security, and design requirements are identified including application mapping and profiling. Acuative provides SD-WAN impletation, monitoring maintenance, and also ongoing management to their clients

  • BayInfotech


    BayInfotech is a software development company with an ability to solve business problems with tailored technical solutions that enhance value, productivity, and profitability. BayInfotech Managed SD-WAN solutions are designed with data security in mind and the company customizes SD-WAN solution to meet the client’s security needs. A key benefit of choosing BayInfotech Managed SD-WAN protects all the IP traffic from the WAN edge to the cloud. The company’s SD-Wan offerings include WAN Encryption & Routing, Application Visibility, Bandwith Control, Path Selection, Core security. The company also provides SD-WAN plus offerings including DNS Filter, Next Gen Firewall, and Secure Web Gateway along with Intrusion detection and prevention

  • Epsilon


    Epsilon is transforming the way global business communications can be served. The firm offers a diverse group of industry service providers the ability to outsource critical and complex aspects of their business to an industry-leading partner who has the right depth of experience in deploying and operating network infrastructure and resources. Its Software Defined Network (SDN) fabric enables customers with fast, flexible, and on-demand connectivity for broad set of voice and data networking services. Its world-leading solutions provide greater flexibility, scalability and visibility into network performance compared to traditional connectivity options

  • Federos


    Addressing a significant gap in the network monitoring and management market, Federos delivers a carrier-grade, software-defined service operations platform to communications companies, managed service providers and enterprises. No other software vendor can deliver such an easily integrated solution to consolidate service management while lowering total cost of ownership. Its software-defined service management platform is designed to simplify and transform legacy solutions with machine learning to support the transition to an AIOperations-based infrastructure. Federos’ innovations stay at the forefront and predict customer needs through monthly updates, ensuring the solutions are both optimized for the present and geared for the future

  • Nuage Networks

    Nuage Networks

    Nuage Networks empowers cloud service providers and large enterprises to manage large, multi-tenant clouds by delivering a massively scalable SDN solution that seamlessly connects the data center and wide area network. The company brings a combination of technologies and networking expertise to the enterprise and telecommunications industries. and has applied new thinking to the problem of delivering massively scalable and highly programmable SDN solutions within and across the datacenter and out to the wide area network (SD-WAN) with the security and availability required by business-critical environments. Nuage Networks backed by Nokia’s IP/Optical Networks business, has the pedigree to serve the needs of the world’s biggest clouds

  • ZeroOutages


    Since 2009, ZeroOutages has delivered a carrier-neutral SD-WAN solution with intelligent WAN management, built-in network monitoring, QoS optimization, and redundancy for Internet and WAN connectivity. ZeroOutages specializes in site-to-site WAN management (Internet or dedicated / MPLS) for multisite customers. ZeroOtuages service includes a web-based portal that provides 24/7 network visibility and access to its US-based support centers. SD-WAN is the company's only focus. ZeroOutages holds multiple patents in SD-WAN technology, specifically in the fields of dynamic QoS and session or flow-based link aggregation. The firm has designed and developed its SD-WAN solutions and global management portal from scratch based on XRoads Networks platforms